High-Resolution CT of the Lung in Children: Clinical Applications

  • Hubert Ducou Le Pointe
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


High-Resolution CT of the Lung in children: Clinical Applications (HRCT) of the chest allows a detailed structural assessment of secondary pulmonary lobules and intrapulmonary interstitium, Based on characteristic patterns and distribution of pathology, it has proved to be of great value for the diagnosis and management of adult patients with lung disease. More recently in the pediatric population HRCT was also recognized to be a valuable tool for exploring lung diseases. Airway diseases and air-space disease are now well known and described. In the recent past, progresses were done in the comprehension of pediatric interstitial lung disease. In the pediatric population, a developmental or genetic origin could be shown. So, classification of interstitial lung disease is now specific to the pediatric population. In this chapter we revisited well-known pediatric lung diseases and introduced notions about the newest childhood interstitial lung diseases.


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia HRCT Finding Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis 
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