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Soft tissue sarcomas are malignant tumors that arise in the mesoderm. There are over 50 subtypes of these tumors that vary greatly in biological behavior. While small, low-grade lesions may be adequately treated by resection alone; larger, higher-grade lesions require adjuvant therapy to maximize local control. We will examine the prognostic factors that predict for disease recurrence and the role of radiation therapy in this setting. We will also examine the toxicities associated with radiation, and how this information is utilized to help or guide decision making for the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas.


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Soft tissue sarcoma


Second opinion


American Joint Committee on Cancer


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Disease-free survival


Overall survival


University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


Massachusetts General Hospital


The Princess Margaret Hospital


Regional lymph node metastases


Malignant peripheral-nerve tumor


Concordance index




General postoperative sarcoma nomogram from MSKCC


Disease-specific survival


Greater than or equal to 95 % necrosis


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