MRI in Muscle Tumors and Tumors of Fasciae and Tendon Sheaths

  • F. M. Vanhoenacker
  • M. E. A. P. M. Adriaensen-van Roij
  • A. M. De Schepper
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This chapter aims to discuss the relevant clinicopathological and imaging characteristics of tumor and tumor-like soft tissue lesions involving smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Special emphasize is placed on MR imaging. The discussion is basically focused on those intramuscular tumors that show histologically muscle differentiation. Benign muscle tumors (rhabdomyoma and leiomyoma) are relatively rare and account for less than 2 % of benign soft tissue tumors. Malignant tumors with muscle differentiation (rhabdomyosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma) are more frequent than their benign counterparts, and represent 2–12 and 8–9 % of soft tissue sarcomas, respectively. Other histological types of soft tissue tumors (STT) may arise in muscle and MR imaging is usually not specific for prediction of histology. There are—however—some intramuscularly located tumors (e.g., usual lipoma) that may be characterized with confidence on MR imaging. Lesions with more or less specific imaging features are mostly benign, whereas malignant STT do not have specific imaging features. Although histologically not belonging to the group of muscle tumors (according to the World Health Organization Classification), the imaging features of characteristic STT located within the muscle will be briefly reviewed. Furthermore, this chapter will deal with the most frequent muscular pseudotumors. Finally, tumor (like) conditions of fasciae and tendon sheaths will be discussed.


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