Congenital and Acquired Large Airway Disorders in Pediatric Patients

  • Evan J. Zucker
  • Monica Epelman
  • Ricardo Restrepo
  • Edward Y. Lee
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Timely and accurate airway assessment is essential in infants and children who present with respiratory distress. With smaller and more compressible airways than their adult counterparts, more prone symptomatic airway obstruction. Failure to promptly recognize and treat airway disease can lead to substantial short-term morbidity or even mortality as well as long-term detrimental sequelae. In this chapter, currently available imaging methods for large airway assessment are discussed, followed by an overview of congenital and acquired large airway disorders affecting infants and children.


Main Bronchus Large Airway Double Aortic Arch Virtual Bronchoscopy Tracheal Bronchus 


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