Yttrium-90 Microspheres for Other Liver Metastases

  • J. Rodriguez
  • A. Chopitea
  • B. Sangro
  • J. I. Bilbao
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Radioembolization (RE) is a form of brachytherapy in which intraarterially injected microspheres loaded with 90Y (a pure beta emitter with a 2.6-day half-life and an average 2.5-mm tissue penetration) serve as sources for internal radiation purposes. Its aim is to deliver tumoricidal doses of radiation to no matter how many liver tumors at a time while sparing the non-tumoral liver from absorbing harmful doses of radiation. In recent years, selective internal radiation therapy with embolization of branches of the hepatic artery with biocompatible resin-based 90Y-labeled microspheres has emerged as a valuable tool for patients with extended liver disease. Several large, prospectively designed phase 2 and 3 trials have proved the ability of SIR-Spheres to produce significant rates of tumor growth control among patients with either hepatocarcinoma or liver metastases from colorectal cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. In the present chapter current data regarding the role of this approach in the management of liver metastases from other tumor types are provided.


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