Ischemic Colitis

  • Etienne Danse
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Ischemic colitis is the most usual form of acute intestinal ischemia. It includes mainly two forms: the transient form with spontaneous resolution and the severe form. Two types of severe forms of ischemic colitis are to be considered: (a) ischemic colitis associated with a delayed stenosis caused by colic wall fibrosis, (b) ischemic colitis complicated by an early perforation caused by gangrenous evolution. Its diagnosis is based on the association of clinical data, endoscopic findings, radiological data and histology. Sonography can detect colic wall changes in cases of ischemic colitis such as increased colic wall thickening (8–9 mm), disappearance of the wall stratification (not systematic but more frequently noted than in other acute colic diseases), absence or reduced mural flow with color Doppler (in 20–50 % of patients with final diagnosis of ischemic colitis). Sonography can also detect hyperechogenicity of the pericolic fatty tissue and may be useful to delimitate the disease extension along the colic wall and its localization.


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