Hand Trauma

  • Anand KirwadiEmail author
  • Nikhil A. Kotnis
  • Andrew Dunn
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Hand injuries account for a large proportion of all injuries presenting to emergency departments. Avulsion injuries of the FDP tendons are a common sporting injury. Bowstringing of the flexor tendons are an important imaging sign of multiple annular pulley injuries. Mallet finger is the most common closed tendon injury in a sportsman. Rupture of the volar plate is a common complication of hyperextension injury. Imaging plays a crucial role in management of collateral ligament injuries. The extensor mechanism of the fingers is extremely intricate. Understanding relevant anatomy is quintessential for diagnosing and treating extensor mechanism injuries. Intra-articular metacarpal base fractures are commonly missed on initial presentation and pronated oblique radiographs help demonstrate the severity of this injury. Imaging evaluation of sports-related injuries of the hand should begin with radiographs. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging play a vital role in diagnoses of soft tissue injuries. CT may be useful in understanding complex bony injuries.


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The authors wish to sincerely thank Dr. David Moore, Dr. Steven L. J. James and Dr. Andrew J. Grainger for providing some of the images used in this chapter.


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