Oral Contrast-Enhanced Bowel Ultrasound

  • Giovanni Maconi
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Bowel ultrasound has become accepted in clinical practice as a primary useful tool in the diagnostic workup and follow-up of several gastrointestinal disorders. The major limit of sonographic evaluation the gastrointestinal tract is the presence of air, which makes difficult in achieving a detailed evaluation of the bowel wall structure and its changes. To overcome this limitation, filling of the stomach, small bowel, and colon with luminal contrast agents such as water or another echo-poor liquid has been proposed. Several studies examined efficacy of luminal contrast bowel ultrasound, showing that it provides an accurate evaluation of bowel wall structure and detects of bowel wall changes. Luminal contrast ultrasound showed an overall benefit over conventional ultrasound in the assessment of stomach, small bowel, and colon. However, comparative studies are still scanty and biased in study design and patient selection. The benefit of luminal contrast ultrasound may vary according to site examined, sonologist's experience, and indication. The use of luminal contrast agent in bowel ultrasound may improve results, but should be adopted on case-by-case basis, according to the clinical context and the sonologist's experience


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