Wrist Instability

  • Milko C. de Jonge
  • G. J. Streekstra
  • S. D. Strackee
  • R. Jonges
  • M. MaasEmail author
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The painful clunking, unstable wrist has been an area of specific interest for clinicians and radiologists for many years. This chapter aims to focus on the unstable wrist, reviewing the clinical problem, exploring current hypotheses, critically evaluating radiological tools in aiding the clinician, and illustrating the integrative views of the authors based on their fundamental research and clinical practice. This chapter cannot provide a complete overview as this is a controversial area with an extremely extensive literature.


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We would like to thank M. Foumani MD and Mrs. M.R.W. Evers-van Bavel for their help in preparing the manuscript.


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