Intracavitary Use of Radionuclides and Treatment of Meningiomas

  • Mirco Bartolomei
  • Giovanni Paganelli
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Despite aggressive treatments the prognosis of high-grade gliomas remains poor. Meningiomas are generally benign but for high-grade histotypes or partially resected tumours, recurrence is fairly common. Since a curative option is not currently available, new therapeutic strategies are required to extend the progression-free interval and the overall survival of brain tumour and meningiomas patients. Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) and peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) represents two examples of targeted radiotherapy which offer exciting prospect of increasing the specificity of tumour cell irradiation using radionuclides. Although these treatments have been principally experimented for systemic approach, RIT and PRRT may also be exploited topically, in order to reduce systemic activity and enhance tumour targeting. In this chapter the authors report on intracavitary use of radionuclides in HGG and their experience concerning peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in meningiomas.


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The authors wish to thank Mrs Deborah Console for editing the manuscript.


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  1. 1.Nuclear Medicine DivisionPresidio Ospedaliero M. Bufalini—P. Angioloni—G. MarconiCesena (FC)Italy
  2. 2.Nuclear Medicine DivisionIstituto Europeo di OncologiaMilanoItaly

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