Cerebral Vasculitis

  • Martina Wengenroth
  • Christian Jacobi
  • Brigitte Wildemann
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Vasculitis is an inflammation of blood vessels due to various origins. Vessels of the peripheral and/or central nervous systems may be involved. Clinical and radiological diagnosis of cerebral vasculitis is challenging as there is no vasculitis-specific symptom or imaging sign. Furthermore, it may mimic other neurological diseases, which would require different treatment approaches. Neuroimaging of cerebral vasculitis should begin with initial MRI to assess the degree of parenchymal damage and to detect vessel wall changes. If the results are indefinite DSA should be pursued in order to detect potential changes of medium-sized vessels. Vasculitides of small vessels cannot be detected by vascular imaging and require brain or leptomeningeal biopsy.


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Giant Cell Arteritis Central Nervous System Involvement Takayasu Arteritis 
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