Bone Metastasis

  • Mirna Abboud
  • Arnold C. Paulino
  • B. S. Teh
  • Simon S. Lo
  • Rex Marco
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Bone is a common metastatic site for many types of solid cancers, especially those arising in the lung, breast and prostate. Around 80 % of patients with solid tumors develop painful bone metastases to the spine, pelvis, and extremities during the course of their disease (Nielson et al., Radiotheraphy Oncology 52:95, 1999). Multiple treatment options are available to treat bone metastases, including surgical fixation, bisphosphonates, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, systemic radionuclides, hemibody irradiation, external beam radiation therapy and more recently stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Here we describe the effectiveness of SBRT in the management of bone metastases, its technical aspects, clinical applications and treatment toxicities. Clinical case examples will be included with the treatment plan, isodose lines and dose-volume histograms. We conclude with future directions in the use of SBRT for bone metastases.


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