Novalis and Varian Systems

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The Novalis Tx™ and TrueBeam STx are both high-precision linear accelerator systems designed for image-guided stereotactic treatment delivery to the brain and body. Both systems have multiple photon energies, 1 or more high-dose-rate flattening filter free beams, high-definition multileaf collimator (MLC), MV portal imaging, kV planar imaging, and cone beam CT. Brainlab ExacTrac stereoscopic image guidance (infrared and X-ray) and robotic couch top are included on the Novalis Tx™ and optional for the TrueBeam STx. Both systems include software for automatic image registration, remote patient positioning, motion tracking, gated delivery, and treatment planning. Measurements with phantoms and patients have demonstrated a positioning accuracy of the order of 1 mm as well as long-term stability in dosimetry and imaging. Both systems have the accuracy and image-guidance capabilities needed for successful stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).


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