High-Field Open MRI-Guided Interventions

  • Ulf K.-M. Teichgräber
  • Florian  Streitparth
  • Felix V. Güttler
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


High-field open (HFO) MRI is an emerging and promising modality in the guidance of various minimally invasive interventions because of the high tissue contrast, the absence of ionizing radiation and unrestricted multi-planar imaging options. The ongoing development of powerful MRI techniques and instruments allows for advanced possibilities to guide, monitor and control minimally invasive interventions. Moreover, open MR systems provide better patient access, which improves the interventional workflow. In this chapter, the basics and current status of interventional HFO MRI is described. Essential clinical procedures for high-field open MRI-guided interventions and innovative research findings are discussed.


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