MR-Guided Delivery and Tracking of Cellular Therapeutics

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Cellular therapy describes the process of introducing new cells into a damaged or diseased system to treat a disease. Compared to systemic therapy, this highly targeted local delivery provides a therapeutic efficacy with few systemic effects. Cell tracking is an essential part of developing and understanding cellular therapy. Although there are other modalities that can be used both for cell delivery and for cell tracking, MR is preferable due to its inherent soft tissue and vascular contrast, exquisite anatomic detail, multiplanar capabilities, and lack of ionizing radiation. In this chapter, we will first review agents available for labeling and visualizing cells using MR. The underlying physics, types of agents, methods of cell labeling, and MR imaging techniques will be discussed. We will then briefly discuss some specialized examples of device-tracking for MR-guided cell delivery followed by a sampling of clinical trials.


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