Femoropopliteal Arterial Intervention

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Since the publication of the TASC document in 2000 and the update of TASC II in 2007, several new devices have been developed which may improve the outcome of endovascular therapy in the SFA increasing the success rate and especially reducing the incidence of restenosis. Therefore the use of endovascular treatment in TASC A, B and C lesions may become the norm, especially with the new TASC IIB document, which is currently under review. This chapter will describe current techniques for SFA treatment of chronic lesions. The standard requisites needed will be named in a balanced manner especially with respect of implants such as stent and stent-grafts. In order to avoid implants and their potential limitations, this chapter will be completed by newer treatment concepts which cannot be stated as state-of-the art procedures like PTA and stent at the moment. Of these, DEBs might be one of the top treatment modalities in the future, if the early promising results are proved by the many on going trails. In general, interventional treatment of claudicants replaces more and more classical surgical techniques.


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