Practical Approaches to Dose Reduction: Toshiba Perspective

  • Jacob Geleijns
  • R Irwan
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Since its inception, computed tomography (CT) has advanced medicine and became an invaluable diagnostic tool. Technological advances in CT have expanded its clinical capabilities leading to a substantial increase in CT utilization. The large number of patients and diagnostic tasks in CT imaging warrants methods for ensuring that every individual patient receives the best diagnostic image quality at the lowest possible dose. A busy clinical practice will interact with a wide range of patients varying in age and body habits, each requiring a personalized CT examination. The optimized image quality for a clinical exam will depend on the diagnostic task and the size and shape of the patient being imaged. Toshiba has designed its Aquilion line of CT scanners to yield high image quality with minimal radiation dose for all patients. From the dual-supported anode X-ray tube, to the efficient detector system and low-noise data acquisition system (DAS), to the dose-saving SURE Exposure 3D tube current modulation software, to advanced, adaptive and iterative reconstruction, and noise reduction algorithms, the range of Aquilion CT systems is designed to deliver optimal image quality at the lowest possible dose.


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