MRI of the Acute Abdomen and Pelvis

  • Garry Choy
  • Ajay K. Singh
  • Robert A. Novelline
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Acute abdominal and pelvic conditions require rapid and accurate diagnosis in the emergency department setting. While the imaging modalities of ultrasound, CT, and radiography play a significant role, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers a distinct number of advantages in certain conditions and situations. MRI is often a diagnostic problem solver and can be used in selected patients. With increasing vigilance regarding ionizing radiation dose, MRI will likely play an increasing role in the emergency department. This chapter provides an overview of MR imaging of the abdomen and pelvis in the emergency setting including the descriptions of facility logistics and design, imaging protocols, and a review of imaging features of common acute abdominopelvic conditions.


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  • Ajay K. Singh
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  • Robert A. Novelline
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