Spinal Metastasis

  • Simon S. Lo
  • Andrew E. Sloan
  • Mitchell Machtay
  • Bin S. Teh
  • Arjun Sahgal
  • Samuel T. Chao
  • Eric L. Chang
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Spinal metastasis can cause pain and neurologic dysfunction as a result of compression of spinal cord, cauda equina, or nerve roots. In patients with spinal cord compression, surgical resection with postoperative radiotherapy is offered. Otherwise, radiotherapy is often given alone for the palliation of these symptoms. However, the amount of radiation that can be given to the spine is limited by the spinal cord tolerance, especially in cases of re-irradiation for recurrent disease. Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) or stereotactic ablative radiation therapy (SABR) can potentially provide a favorable therapeutic window by allowing the delivery of an ablative dose of radiation to spinal metastases while limiting the spinal cord dose to within the constraints. In the recent years, abundant data on the use of SBRT/SABR for spinal metastasis have emerged in the literature. This chapter will provide an overview of the technical and clinical aspects of SBRT/SABR for spinal metastasis.


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