MRI Guidance of Vascular Applications

  • Gabriele A. Krombach
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MRI-guided endovascular interventions are appealing because of the high soft tissue contrast of MRI, the ability to perform luminographic angiography with and without the application of contrast medium, the inherent possibility, to assess physiologic function, such as flow, tissue perfusion and diffusion, and the ability to characterize tissue via spectroscopy. MRI-guided endovascular interventions have added diagnostic value in comparison to X-ray-guided procedures, since prior to the intervention the target for the interventional procedure can be assessed and during and after the intervention the effect on morphology, function, and metabolism can be monitored. The technical requirements for endovascular interventions, namely, dedicated systems, patient monitoring systems, real-time imaging that allows delineation of vessels, interventional devices, and target regions, and thorough protocols have been developed. Recently, technical maturation of interventional MRI and simultaneous development of MRI in other areas, namely, the development of magnetic resonance (MR)-safe conductors and the advent of molecular imaging, promise to open up the avenue of MRI-guided interventions to interventions that can not be performed in another imaging environment. Soon, MRI-guided endovascular procedures might revolutionize the field of endovascular procedures.


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