Malignant Lesions of the Masticator Space

  • Christian Czerny
  • Riste Saat
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The masticator space is a deep facial space containing the mandibular ramus and the muscles of mastication. The third branch of the trigeminal nerve is also part of the masticator space. Malignancies arising of the masticator space are mostly of mesenchymal origin, such as osteosarcomas, rhabdomysarcomas or angiosarcomas, but also Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are encountered. Beside these primary malignancies, secondary malignancies may involve the masticator space. Malignancies from the surrounding tissues can invade the masticator space, and occasionally a metastasis may occur in this space. The malignant masticator space lesions and their imaging characteristics are described in this chapter, as well as the differential diagnosis with benign entities.


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