Physics of Radiotherapy Planning and Delivery

  • James A. Purdy
  • Philip Poortmans
  • Carlos A. Perez
  • Seymour H. Levitt
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


A solid foundation in the physics concepts used in the planning and delivery of the cancer patient’s radiation therapy is one of the fundamental cornerstones for the practice of radiation therapy. The essential concepts are discussed in this chapter, including a brief review of modern treatment machines, basic dosimetry parameters used in treatment planning, monitor unit and dose calculation methods, dose calculation algorithms and correction factors for the effects of patient topography and internal heterogeneities, isodose distributions for various combined fields, peripheral dose, field junctions, field shaping and special considerations including patients with cardiac pacemakers, fetal dose and gonadal dose. These topics are presented in detail suitable for practicing radiation oncologists and physician residents.


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