US Versus CT: Evidence-Based Medicine and Cost-Effectiveness in Imaging Acute Appendicitis in Children

  • Shyama Kamat
  • Barbara M. Garcia Peña
  • Craig Blackmore
  • L. Santiago Medina
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Despite the high incidence of acute appendicitis in children, its diagnosis remains difficult. This chapter will discuss the usefulness of ultrasound vs computed tomography in diagnosing pediatric appendicitis and the cost-effectiveness of imaging these patients based on recently published studies. The cost-effectiveness and financial impact of imaging in patients with acute appendicitis should be taken into account by clinicians who seek accurate diagnosis. Clinicians must aim to avoid radiation exposure in children whenever possible, but should also seek to minimize costs in an increasingly expensive health care system.


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  • Shyama Kamat
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  • Barbara M. Garcia Peña
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  • Craig Blackmore
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  • L. Santiago Medina
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