Imaging of Acute Appendicitis in Adults: MRI

  • Christine Schmid-Tannwald
  • Aytekin Oto
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MR imaging provides systemic, multi-planar evaluation of the entire abdomen with excellent anatomic resolution and allows identification of the etiology for acute abdominal pain without exposing the patient to ionizing radiation and without the necessity of administration of intravenous contrast agents. Therefore, MR imaging is a valuable alternative to CT when US findings are inconclusive, especially in patients with higher risk for radiation exposure such as pregnant and pediatric patients. In this chapter, the role of MR imaging in diagnosis of acute appendicitis will be reviewed. Imaging protocols, MR-imaging features of the normal appendix, acute appendicitis and other causes of right-lower quadrant pain mimicking appendicitis will be described. Indications for MR imaging (with a special emphasis in pregnant patients) and safety issues will also be reviewed.


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