Imaging the Infertile Male-2: Obstructive Syndromes and Other Disorders

  • Min Hoan Moon
  • Seung Hyup Kim
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The evaluation of infertile men begins with a detailed clinical history and physical examination and then proceeds to laboratory test including semen analysis, hormonal assays, sperm function test, and genetic test. Imaging studies can be used selectively as part of the comprehensive evaluation of male infertility. In this chapter, we review the spectrum of diseases responsible for male infertility, discuss appropriate imaging modalities to be proven for specific clinical settings, and illustrate characteristic imaging findings that permit specific diagnosis. We also discuss how imaging studies may be used to distinguish defects of sperm production from obstruction of sperm passage. The discussion is divided into three main categories: obstruction in sperm passage, impairment in sperm function, and defect in sperm genesis.


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