Imaging Scrotal Lumps in Children

  • Brian D. Coley
  • Venkata R. Jayanthi
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


The discovery of a scrotal mass in a child causes great concern. While the causes of most masses are benign, the history and physical examination may not always be able to discern the etiology. Ultrasound is the most useful imaging tool to define whether or not a mass is present, and most importantly whether it is intratesticular or extrastesticular. Neoplasms are less common in the pediatric population, and are often of different histologies than in adults. Although ultrasound cannot often diagnose specific tumor types, there are a few benign lesions with sufficiently characteristic ultrasound appearances that can allow consideration for testis sparing surgery, something rarely possible in adults. Understanding the congenital and acquired masses presenting as scrotal lumps in children will improve the imager’s ability to assist our clinical colleagues with patient management.


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