Imaging Acute Scrotal Pain in Adults-2: Inflammation and Other Disorders

  • Aarti Shah
  • Gordon G. Kooiman
  • Paul S. Sidhu
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


The commonest cause for acute scrotal pain in the adult patient is bacterial epididymitis, normally managed successfully with antibiotics, with complete resolution of symptoms. Ultrasonography in acute scrotal disorders provides a comprehensive and diagnostic overview, without recourse to any other imaging modalities. In acute epididymo-orchitis, inflammation of the epididymis is readily apparent as thickening and an increase in colour Doppler flow representing increased blood flow. The involvement of the testis with inflammation, orchitis, is also normally well identified with ultrasonography and atypical features identified with the addition of colour Doppler techniques. Complications arising from severe inflammatory change such as abscess formation, segmental infarction or pyocele may be seen with the addition of contrast, a useful technique. Other causes of acute scrotal pain such as tuberculosis, vasculitis and other rare conditions may be identified with ultrasonography, and the appropriate clinical management instituted. Conditions that arise outside the scrotum causing scrotal pain such as acute appendicitis, inguinal hernia and Fournier’s gangrene have features that allow for a diagnosis using ultrasonography. This article describes all the features seen on ultrasonography that allow for a confident diagnosis.


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