Breast Cancer: Intact and Post Mastectomy

  • Elizabeth S. Bloom
  • Philip Poortmans
  • Marianne Aznar
  • Thomas A. Buchholz
  • Eric A. Strom
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


In most industrialized countries, breast cancer constitutes a very important part of the number of patients referred for radiation therapy. There has been a transition from simulator-based 2D techniques to modern, highly individualized CT-based techniques. It is therefore not surprisingly that measures are being undertaken to diminish the workload by introducing altered fractionation schedules including the simultaneous integrated boost technique and hypofractionation. Regarding this, it should be recognized that this is only possible when applying modern techniques to optimize dose homogeneity. In addition, there is an increased awareness of the risk for late toxicity due to irradiation of cardiovascular structures, lung tissue, and the contralateral breast, as the number of breast cancer survivors increase. Whereas technical solutions including respiratory control offer very promising dosimetric results, the acceptance of consensus based guidelines on target volume delineation as well as target volume selection remains a challenge for current investigators.


Chest Wall Axillary Node Dissection Inflammatory Breast Cancer Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Internal Mammary Chain 
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The authors would like to thank Mr. Lionel Santibañez, from the Department of Scientific Publications, The University Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, as well as their colleagues for their support and providing clinical material and experience.


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