Medical Imaging Investigation of Vasculitis

  • M. Habib Bouhaouala
  • Lotfi Hendaoui
  • Antony W. Stanson
  • Francis Joffre
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Imaging has been proven to be valuable in the diagnosis of vasculitis involving large and medium-sized vessels, in the evaluation of the extent of the disease and in assessing of response to treatment. However it was less helpful for the diagnosis of vasculitis involving small-sized vessels because it can only demonstrate the tissue damage resulting from vessel inflammation. In this chapter we propose to detail the role of different imaging techniques in the evaluation of vasculitis.


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    • 1
  • Lotfi Hendaoui
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  • Antony W. Stanson
    • 3
  • Francis Joffre
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  1. 1.Department of Medical Imaging, Medical School of TunisInterior Security Forces Teaching HospitalLa MarsaTunisia
  2. 2.Department of Medical Imaging and Imaging Guided InterventionsMongi Slim University Hospital, Medical School of TunisLa MarsaTunisia
  3. 3.Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo ClinicRochesterUSA
  4. 4.Department of Medical ImagingMedical School of Toulouse University, Rangueil HospitalToulouse Cedex 9France

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