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MRI of the Pathological Fetal Thorax

  • Gregor Kasprian
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Prenatal sonography provides a sensitive detection of most fetal thoracic pathologies. However, the specificity and reliability in the diagnosis as well as prediction of postnatal outcome may be further optimized by fetal MR imaging. Due to the excellent tissue contrast of fetal MRI and the ability to provide information on the chemical composition of certain lung lesions using different MR sequences, this imaging modality can add further diagnostic information, which may be even superior to the commonly used postnatal imaging procedures. Thus, fetal MR of thoracic pathologies finally constitutes a valuable preoperative imaging tool. This chapter generally reviews the most frequently encountered thoracic pathologies of the fetus focusing on pulmonary hypoplasia and cystic lung lesions and describes their MR imaging appearance on a variety of MR sequences.


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