Acute Gastritis and Enteritis

  • Denis Régent
  • Valerie Croisé-Laurent
  • Julien Mathias
  • Aurélia Fairise
  • Hélène Ropion-Michaux
  • Clément Proust
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In acute gastric or small bowel conditions, whether they are infectious, inflammatory, or ischemic, the CT scan objectifies submucosal oedema with parietal stratification, producing ‘target’ or ‘double-halo’ images that can be easily analysed in venous time. Precise analysis of proximal peritoneal reactions and of endoluminal content are the first steps of the diagnostic approach. In an acute clinical context, a number of hypotheses must be discussed (perforation, infection, arterial ischaemia, capillary hyperpermeability, congestion by portal venous stasis, etc.), some of which may be supported by abdominal/pelvic exploration, as a general rule complemented by thoracic exploration if there are no contraindications for the radiation risk (young subjects and women of childbearing potential). In all cases, the clinical context and laboratory tests are fundamental for orientating the diagnosis: a history of abdominal pain and diarrhoea, a state of acquired immunosuppression, a recent stay in a country where there are endemic parasites, a purpuric rash on the lower limbs, a marked inflammatory syndrome seen in laboratory tests, etc. are all signs providing pointers for the right direction which one needs to know how to find out by precise, directed questioning and clinical examination


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