Lung Cancer

  • Branislav Jeremić
  • Francesc Casas
  • Igor Stojkovski
  • Slobodan Milisavljevic
  • Zeljko Dobric
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Local/regional recurrence with or without distant metastases is a common pattern of failure after first-line treatment for lung cancer. It is virtually unknown which proportion of patients initially treated with chest radiotherapy undergo reirradiation during the natural course of the disease. The majority of available studies are retrospective in nature and of limited size. External beam radiation therapy has been used to treat local/regional intrathoracic recurrences after previous radiation therapy for lung cancer, mostly non-small cell histology. In most cases the aim of treatment was palliation of symptoms. However, the increasing availability of new technology such as intensity-modulated and stereotactic radiotherapy has resulted in preliminary data on more aggressive regimens. Endobronchial brachytherapy remains one of the cornerstones of successful palliative approaches in patients with symptomatic endobronchial recurrences of lung cancer. While no established guidelines are available, due to considerable variety in first-line radiation therapy parameters, different planning and retreatment characteristics (including different reirradiation technology used), and lack of validated prognostic factors, current wisdom calls for prudent use of available technology, with clear objectives set upfront.


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