The Role of Interventional Endoscopy

  • Guido Costamagna
  • Pietro Familiari
  • Andrea Tringali
  • Ivo Boškoski
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Interventional endoscopy has a key role in the palliation of pancreatic cancer.

Biliary obstruction leading to jaundice and hitching can be safely resolved by endoscopic plastic or metal stenting. Metal stents have a longer patency than plastic, and are cost-effective in patients with 4-6 months life expectancy. Endoscopic palliation of jaundice improves the quality of life, is mini-invasive, safe and effective and is preferred to surgery or interventional radiology. The main problem of biliary stents is cholangitis recurrence due to stent clogging: the development of new drug-eluting stent maybe will improve stent patency in the near future. Also pain in pancreatic cancer can be reduced by endoscopic pancreatic stenting or EUS-guided celiac plexus block/neurolysis in selected cases.

A late complication of pancreatic cancer is the developmant of a duodenal stricture and Gastric Outlet Obstruction Symptoms. This complication, which usually occurs in end-stage and fragile patients, can be resolved by endoscopic insertion of a duodenal metal stents. Duodenal stenting is preferred to surgery due to its lower morbidity and mortality, shorter hospitalization and earlier symptoms relief.

ERCP and EUS are also a tool for intraluminal brachytherapy and delivery of cytotoxic agents directly into the pancreatic tumor. This latest possibility can represent a future approach to pancreatic and other tumors.


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