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MRI of the Normal Fetal Lung

  • Gregor Kasprian
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Perinatal survival crucially depends on a sufficiently sized and functionally well-developed cardiopulmonary system. Especially, the stage of lung development and the biochemical and structural maturity of the fetal lung are the most important determinants for survival and after birth. Since our understanding of the complexity of the processes influencing lung growth has substantially improved, this knowledge can now be translated into clinical science. Fetal MR has opened a new exciting field in the prenatal assessment of lung maturity, since it noninvasively provides important data on the size, structure, and biochemical maturity of the fetal lung. In order to confidently diagnose developmental pathologies of the growing respiratory system and evaluate their impact on extrauterine life, it is of utmost importance to be fully aware of the potential and limitations of new MR imaging methods in the characterization of normal fetal lung development.


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