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Knee joint is commonly injured in the young athlete. The increased intensity of training and competition among young athletes is associated with increased risk for both acute and chronic injuries. Acute osseous injuries are usually promptly recognized with clinical examination and the diagnosis is established with plain radiographs. Chondral and osteochondral injuries, physeal injuries and bone bruise, are better assessed with MR imaging. The role of ultrasonography is evolving in the study of superficial structures, such as muscles and tendons. Of particular interest to the growing skeleton is the weaker bone compared to ligamentous or tendinous insertion and thus avulsion fractures may occur. Chronic injuries may demonstrate themselves clinically in a nontypical pattern. Chronic injuries include stress reactions and fractures, traction apophysitis and osteochondritis dissecans. Plain radiographs may be helpful but usually MR imaging is required to clarify the cause of symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic injuries are critical to prevent long-term functional disability and deformity.


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