Soft Nanohybrid Materials Consisting of Polymer–Clay Networks

  • Kazutoshi HaraguchiEmail author
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 267)


New types of soft nanohybrid materials with novel organic–inorganic network structures, such as nanocomposite gels (NC gels: hydrogel), soft nanocomposites (M-NCs: solid), and their derivatives (MD-NC gels, Zw-NC gels, Pt-NC gels, and P/C-NC microspheres) are described. All soft nanohybrid materials including NC gels and M-NCs were synthesized by in-situ free-radical polymerization in the presence of exfoliated clay nanoplatelets in aqueous systems and were obtained in various forms and sizes with a wide range of clay contents. Here, disk-like inorganic clay nanoplatelets function as multifunctional crosslinking agents to form new types of network structures. The NC gels exhibited extraordinary optical, mechanical, and swelling–deswelling properties, in addition to a number of new characteristics relating to optical anisotropy, polymer/clay morphology, biocompatibility, stimuli-sensitive surfaces, micropatterning, self-healing, etc. The M-NCs also exhibited dramatic improvements in optical and mechanical properties; the latter include ultrahigh reversible extensibility and well-defined yielding behavior, despite their high clay contents. Thus, the serious disadvantages (intractability, mechanical fragility, optical turbidity, poor processing ability, low stimulus sensitivity, etc.) associated with conventional, chemically crosslinked polymeric materials were overcome in the soft nanohybrid materials because of their unique organic–inorganic network structures. Furthermore, several soft nanohybrids with advanced characteristics were developed based on the technologies of NC gel and M-NC syntheses, e.g., new stimuli-responsive NC gels (MD-NC gels), zwitterionic NC gels (Zw-NC gels), platinum nanoparticle-incorporated NC gels (Pt-NC gels), and aqueous dispersions of polymer–clay NC (P/C-NC) microspheres.


Clay Hydrogel Nanocomposite Organic–inorganic network Stimuli sensitivity 



I thank collaborators, Dr. HJ Li, Mr. T Takehisa, Dr. T Takada, Dr. K Murata, Dr. D Varade and other colleagues in my laboratory. I also thank Prof. M Shibayama (University of Tokyo), Prof. M Zhu and Prof G Li, (Donghua University), and Prof. GC Eastmond (Liverpool University) for collaboration and fruitful discussions. The works introduced in this review paper were carried out in Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research (Chiba, Japan) and supported by DIC Co. (Tokyo, Japan). I acknowledge the financial support provided by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research: 26600050, 23350117, 20350109, 16550181), and by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan (Project 2006–2008).


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