Bio-synthetic Polymer Conjugates

Volume 253 of the series Advances in Polymer Science pp 37-70


Chemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Protein–Polymer Conjugates

  • Björn JungAffiliated withGraduate School Materials Science in Mainz, Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Mainz
  • , Patrick TheatoAffiliated withInstitute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Hamburg Email author 

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Protein-polymer conjugates have achieved tremendous attention in the last few years. The synergistic combination of properties has led to certain advantages in bio-applications. Over the past few years, numerous chemical strategies have been developed to conjugate different synthetic polymers onto proteins, most of which can be summarized within the scope of click-chemistry. Here we highlight conjugation strategies based on available functional groups present on the synthetic polymer and existing groups of proteins from the natural pool. In particular, the chapter organizes the various possible reactions by classes of functional groups present on protein surfaces, deriving from selected amino acid residues.


Biomaterials Click chemistry Peptides Polymer conjugate Protein modification Proteins