Real-World Predictions from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations

  • Barbara Kirchner
  • Philipp J. di Dio
  • Jürg Hutter
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 307)


In this review we present the techniques of ab initio molecular dynamics simulation improved to its current stage where the analysis of existing processes and the prediction of further chemical features and real-world processes are feasible. For this reason we describe the relevant developments in ab initio molecular dynamics leading to this stage. Among them, parallel implementations, different basis set functions, density functionals, and van der Waals corrections are reported. The chemical features accessible through AIMD are discussed. These are IR, NMR, as well as EXAFS spectra, sampling methods like metadynamics and others, Wannier functions, dipole moments of molecules in condensed phase, and many other properties. Electrochemical reactions investigated by ab initio molecular dynamics methods in solution, on surfaces as well as complex interfaces, are also presented.


Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations Always stable predictor-corrector algorithm Associated liquids Basis set Born–Oppenheimer molecular dynamics simulations Car–Parrinello molecular dynamics simulations Catalysis Collective variable Discrete variable representation Dispersion Effective core potential Enhanced sampling Fictitious mass First-principles molecular dynamics simulations Free energy surface Hartree–Fock exchange Ionic liquids Linear scaling Metadynamics Nudged elastic band Numerically tabulated atom-centered orbitals Plane waves Pseudopotential Rare event Relativistic electronic structure Retention potential Self consistent field SHAKE algorithm Solvent effect String method van der Waals interaction Wannier orbitals Water Wavelets 



Ab initio molecular dynamics; molecular dynamics with electronic structure calculations on the fly


Always stable predictor–corrector algorithm


Born–Oppenheimer molecular dynamics; molecular dynamics with electronic structure calculations on the fly, diagonalization in each step


Car–Parrinello molecular dynamics; molecular dynamics with electronic structure calculations on the fly, orthogonalization in each step otherwise the coefficients of the wavefunction are propagated like the nuclear positions


Collective variables


Density functional theory; static quantum chemical method using functionals of the electronic density to account for electron correlation


Discrete variable representation


Effective core potential also called pseudopotential


Finite basis representation


Free energy surface


Fast Fourier transformation


Generalized gradient approximation (GGA) functional, a functional that depends on density and its gradient


Hartree–Fock, static quantum chemical method


Infrared red


Local functional depending only on r


Molecular dynamics, simulation method


Minimum energy path


Minimum free energy path


Maximally localized Wannier centers


Maximally localized Wannier orbitals


Metadynamics, method to calculate rare events


Numerically tabulated atom-centered orbitals


Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics


Non-local, functional depending not only on r but also on r′


NPT ensemble: isothermal-isobaric ensemble; constant particle (N), pressure (P), and temperature (T) simulation


Periodic boundary conditions


Hybrid quantum-mechanical/molecular-mechanical calculations


Random phase approximation


Self consistent field


van der Waals, dispersion forces; usually not well-described in DFT


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