Plant Vacuolar Sorting: An Overview

  • Bruno Peixoto
  • Susana PereiraEmail author
  • José Pissarra
Part of the Progress in Botany book series (BOTANY, volume 78)


Eukaryotic cells have developed membrane-bound organelles, connected between themselves in a complex and tightly regulated network – the endomembrane system. Despite being less well understood when compared to the animal and yeast models, plant cells have begun to reveal an intricate and dense network of endomembranes. Particularly diverse is the network of pathways revolving around the vacuole, especially when comparing plant and non-plant models. This dynamic, pleiomorphic and multifunctional organelle is essential for correct plant growth and development, compartmentalizing different components, from proteins to secondary metabolites. In this review we will provide an historical perspective of what has been discovered relating vacuolar sorting, and the potential biotech applications of such findings.


Cardosin Chemical genomics Plant-specific insert RAB GTPase SNARE Vacuolar sorting Vacuole 

List of Abbreviations


Aspartic proteinase


Brefeldin A


80 kDa proaleurein-binding protein


Clathrin coated vesicle


Carboxypeptidase Y


C-terminal vacuolar sorting determinant


Cytosol-to-vacuole targeting pathway




Electron microscopy


Endoplasmic reticulum


ER to the vacuole targeting pathway


Expressed sequence tag


Guanine nucleotide exchange factor


Lytic vacuole



PA Domain

Protease associated domain


Protein body


Phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate


Plasma membrane


Plant-specific insert


Protein storage vacuole


Physical structure vacuolar sorting determinant


Prevacuolar compartment




Saposin-like protein


Soluble NSF attachment protein receptor


Sequence-specific vacuolar sorting determinant


trans Golgi Network


Tonoplast intrinsic protein


Vacuolar sorting receptor



Work developed under the Strategic Project OE/BIA/UI4046/2014 of the BioISI – Biosystems & Integrative Sciences Institute, supported by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) funding.


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