Enhanced OTIS k-Ary n-Cube Networks

  • Rajib K. Das
Conference paper
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This paper presents a variation of OTIS-k-ary n-cube networks (OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\)) which is called enhanced OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\) or E-OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\). E-OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\) is defined only for even values of k and is obtained from the normal OTIS-k-ary n cube by adding some extra links without increasing the maximum degree of 2n+1. We have established an upper bound of \(\lfloor{2nk+5\over 3}\rfloor\) on the diameter of E-OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\). We have also found the actual diameter using breadth first search for specific values of k and n. It was observed that this upper bound is quite tight, in the sense that it is either equal to the actual diameter or exceeds the diameter by one. We have also defined a classification of the nodes in E-OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\) based on some properties and shown that the nodes in the same class have the same eccentricity. Finally, we have developed an algorithm for point-to-point routing in E-OTIS-\(Q_{n}^{k}\). It is proved that the algorithm always routes by the shortest path.


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  • Rajib K. Das
    • 1
  1. 1.Tezpur UniversityAssamIndia

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