Data Management for a Distributed Hash Table

  • Reshma Sonar
  • D. M. Thakore
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This paper presents a new design and implementation of the DHash distributed hash table based on erasure encoding. This design is both more robust and more efficient than the previous replication-based implementation.

DHash uses erasure coding to store each block as a set of fragments. Erasure coding increases availability while saving storage and communication costs compared to a replication based design. DHash combines Chord’s synthetic0 coordinates with the set of fragments to implement server selection on block retrieval.

Experiments with a 270-node DHash system running on the PlanetLab and RON testbeds show that the changes to DHash increase the rate at which the system can fetch data by a factor of six, and decrease the latency of a single fetch by more than a factor of two.The maintenance protocols ensure that DHash is robust without penalizing performance.


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