Voice Quality on the Internet in 2005 as Measured by

  • Mark Sylor
  • Nagarjuna Venna
  • Harrison Ripps
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How well can the Internet serve as a network carrying voice calls? To answer that question, we have been running a web site called TestYourVoIP where users can run tests of VoIP Quality from their PC. In this paper we describe how TestYourVoIP operates, the kinds of tests it performs, and the results we have found from those tests. Our findings indicate that while many users will get acceptable call quality, too many will not. We offer some insights as to the reasons for poor quality based on these real world experiences. Lastly, we note that over 2005, voice quality on the Internet has gotten worse.


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  • Mark Sylor
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  • Nagarjuna Venna
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  • Harrison Ripps
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  1. 1.Brix NetworksChelmsford

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