Checking the Conformance of Java Classes Against Algebraic Specifications

  • Isabel Nunes
  • Antónia Lopes
  • Vasco Vasconcelos
  • João Abreu
  • Luís S. Reis
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4260)


We present and evaluate an approach for the run-time conformance checking of Java classes against property-driven algebraic specifications. Our proposal consists in determining, at run-time, whether the classes subject to analysis behave as required by the specification. The key idea is to reduce the conformance checking problem to the runtime monitoring of contract-annotated classes, a process supported today by several runtime assertion-checking tools. Our approach comprises a rather conventional specification language, a simple language to map specifications into Java types, and a method to automatically generate monitorable classes from specifications, allowing for a simple, but effective, runtime monitoring of both the specified classes and their clients.


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  • Isabel Nunes
    • 1
  • Antónia Lopes
    • 1
  • Vasco Vasconcelos
    • 1
  • João Abreu
    • 1
  • Luís S. Reis
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  1. 1.Faculty of SciencesUniversity of LisbonLisboaPortugal

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