Minimum Cost Operation Mode and Minimum Loss Operation Mode of Power System – Operation Mode Selection Based on Voltage Stability

  • Sang-Joong Lee
Conference paper
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Two formulae – an optimal P-Q generation formula for minimum system cost and an optimal MW allocation formula for minimum system loss – are described in this paper. The author defines two kinds of power system operation mode – minimum cost operation mode and minimum loss operation mode. The system can be operated on either minimum cost operation mode or minimum loss operation mode.

The system is normally being operated on minimum cost operation mode. The system can be shifted to minimum loss operation mode when voltage instability of the system is concerned. The operation mode can be selected by assessment of the system voltage stability, which may be achieved through application of the artificial intelligence techniques.


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  • Sang-Joong Lee
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept of Electrical EngineeringSeoul National University of Technology, NowonSeoulKorea

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