Sensor Data Driven Proactive Management of Infrastructure Systems

  • James H. GarrettJr
  • Burcu Akinci
  • Scott Matthews
  • Chris Gordon
  • Hongjun Wang
  • Vipul Singhvi
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In a paper presented at the ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering in Cancun, Mexico, a vision was laid out for sensor data-driven, proactive management of infrastructure systems in which information and communication technology is used to more efficiently and effectively construct infrastructure systems, monitor their performance, and enable an intelligent operation of these systems. Since that time, a research center at Carnegie Mellon, the Center for Sensed Critical Infrastructure Research (CenSCIR), has been established with a mission to perform research towards this vision. The objectives for this paper are: 1) to discuss the motivation for such sensor-data driven proactive infrastructure management; 2) to identify and discuss the major research questions that need to be addressed by CenSCIR to achieve this vision; and 3) to present several CenSCIR projects that address some of these research questions.


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