Automated On-site Retrieval of Project Information

  • Ioannis K. Brilakis
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Among several others, the on-site inspection process is mainly concerned with finding the right design and specifications information needed to inspect each newly constructed segment or element. While inspecting steel erection, for example, inspectors need to locate the right drawings for each member and the corresponding specifications sections that describe the allowable deviations in placement among others. These information seeking tasks are highly monotonous, time consuming and often erroneous, due to the high similarity of drawings and constructed elements and the abundance of information involved which can confuse the inspector. To address this problem, this paper presents the first steps of research that is investigating the requirements of an automated computer vision-based approach to automatically identify “as-built” information and use it to retrieve “as-designed” project information for field construction, inspection, and maintenance tasks. Under this approach, a visual pattern recognition model was developed that aims to allow automatic identification of construction entities and materials visible in the camera’s field of view at a given time and location, and automatic retrieval of relevant design and specifications information.


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