Global Transaction Control with Multilevel Security Environments

  • Hyun-Cheol Jeong
Conference paper
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It is the most important issue that the restrictive security policy and correct concurrency control is guaranteed. This paper considers the security of heterogeneous system with replicated data. The existed read-from relationship in the existed serializability is improper. So, we define secure read-from relationship and propose secure one-copy quasi-serializability by utilizing this relationship and display some examples. The proposed secure one-copy quasi-serializability is very proper for global transactions in that this serializability doesn’t violate security autonomy and prevents covert channel between global transactions.


Security Policy Security Level Primary Copy Concurrency Control Access Control Model 
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  • Hyun-Cheol Jeong
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of Medical EngineeringKwangju Health CollegeGwangjuKorea

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