An Intelligent Decision Support System for IT Outsourcing

  • Gülçin Büyüközkan
  • Orhan Feyzioğlu
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Outsourcing information technology (IT) is a major contemporary strategic decision. This paper proposes an intelligent decision support framework for effective IT outsourcing management. The proposed framework uses case-based reasoning as the main intelligent technique and integrates rule-base reasoning and compromise programming techniques in fuzzy environment for a real-time decision-making. While integrating different methodologies, our motaivation is to take the advantage of their strengths and cancel out each other’s weaknesses. The framework potentially leads to more accurate, flexible and efficient retrieval of alternatives that are most similar and most useful to the current decision situation. Finally, a real-life case is given to validate the feasibility of the proposed framework.


Information Technology Data Envelopment Analysis Fuzzy Environment Compromise Programming Case Retrieval 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Gülçin Büyüközkan
    • 1
  • Orhan Feyzioğlu
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Industrial EngineeringGalatasaray UniversityİstanbulTurkey

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