Advanced Personalized Learning and Training Applications Through Mobile Technologies and Services

  • Giancarlo Bo
Conference paper
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This paper offers an overview on the concept of “personalization” applied to learning processes in a context of mobility, through an analysis of both the related open issues and the expected benefits that would come from the introduction of mobile technologies as a support to individual learning experiences. Relevant technical aspects are discussed too and a framework for creating pedagogically sound mobile services suitable to support ubiquitous enriched learning experiences is presented. This work mainly refers to the major outcomes from three very relevant EU projects – MOBIlearn, WearIT@Work and Natacha – where real users have been involved since the beginning in the research activities, thus helping in defining relevant generic mobile knowledge management use cases and pedagogical models. Some examples of potential learning/training applications and real-life use scenarios are provided to show how in practice mobile technologies can be fruitfully exploited to promote innovative, user-dependent, learning, training and edutainment strategies.


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  • Giancarlo Bo
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  1. 1.GIUNTI Interactive Labs S.r.l.Sestri LevanteItaly

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