Automated Analysis of Multi Site MRI Phantom Data for the NIHPD Project

  • Luke Fu
  • Vladimir Fonov
  • Bruce Pike
  • Alan C. Evans
  • D. Louis Collins
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In large multi-center studies it is important to quantify data variations due to differences between sites and over time. Here we investigate inter-site variability in signal to noise ratio (SNR), percent integral uniformity (PIU), width and height using the American College of Radiology (ACR) phantom scans from the NIHPD project. Longitudinal variations are also analyzed. All measurements are fully automated. Our results show that the mean SNR, PIU and the 2 metric values were statistically different across sites. The maximum mean difference in diameter across sites was 2 mm (1.1%), and the maximum mean difference in height was 2.5 mm (1.7%). Over time, an average drift of 0.4 mm per year was observed for the diameter while a drift of 0.5 mm per year was observed for the height. Trends observed over time often depended not only on site, but also on modality and scanner manufacturer.


Anterior Posterior Geometric Accuracy Average Standard Error Data Coordinate Center Phantom Scan 
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  • Luke Fu
    • 1
  • Vladimir Fonov
    • 1
  • Bruce Pike
    • 1
  • Alan C. Evans
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  • D. Louis Collins
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  1. 1.McConnell Brain Imaging centerMontreal Neurological InstituteCanada

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